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Developed by ISSA (International Social Security Association)

Launched as an international project in September 2017 at the World Congress of Occupational Safety in Singapore

More than 2,000 organizations and 150 countries have already participated in VISION ZERO (including Russia)

Russia in the person of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation in December 2017 joined the global campaign to promote the concept of "zero injuries" (a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with the ISSA-International Social Security Association was signed).

Hans-Horst Konkolewski

Secretary-General of the ISSA

About the Golden Rules

the strategy of "zero injuries"

The development and promotion of the concept of "zero traumatism" in Russia is the main goal of joint work.

How to achieve this in specific enterprises, especially those who lead anti-rating in the number of deaths in the workplace?

Why do many Russian companies, like no one else interested in reducing injuries, just look at the concept and are slow to take steps to implement it?

What is primary: compensation for injury or safety culture - VISION ZERO? These and many other issues were discussed at the technical session "Golden Rules of the Strategy for Zero Traumatism", held on the margins of the All-Russian Labor Protection Week in April 2018 in Sochi.


The future of generations

The concept of "zero injuries" was developed by the International Social Security Association and launched in Singapore on September 4, 2017 at the 21st World Congress on Safety and Health at Work.

This is a qualitatively new approach to the organization of the entire system of labor protection in the enterprise, primarily prevention. The basis is the conscious activity of all participants in the production process, from the owner of the enterprise to the employees, in order to prevent any accidents at work.

Life is sacred, and every person has the right to return home alive after work. From the future of the sphere of occupational safety, no doubt, the life of both the present and the next generations depends.

The concept proposes seven "golden rules", the implementation of which will assist the employer in reducing the rates of industrial injuries and occupational morbidity. All seven rules are very flexible and suitable for organizations of all sizes in all countries of the world. These are ready-made tools for developing and implementing a labor protection strategy in any enterprise.

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For the period until 2025, regular corporate seminars and trainings on the program of "zero injuries" in the Crimea (Yalta, Faros, Evpatoria, Sevastopol) are planned.



1. Seven "golden rules" of the concept "Vision Zero" for employers and managers

2. Experience of companies on the application of the rules of "Vision Zero"

3. Testing companies for compliance with the rules of "Vision Zero"

4. Preparation and certification of business trainers «Vision Zero»


The timing of the events - as the groups


For all questions of holding events and participating in them, contact the managers of the VISION ZERO project: