Karl-Heinz Neutel

CEO of Center for Work Safety of the Insurance Company BG BAU


Member of the European Commission's permanent European Union PPE,



The Safety Center of the Insurance Company BG BAU (ZS BG BAU) is a modern universal center for occupational safety and health, which provides training, practical training of safe work execution skills, and testing of PPE-all under one roof.

For training, there is an equipped training ground for demonstrating safe work practices in the workplace, on a frame, on the roof or on a circular saw, which allows participants to obtain a higher level of taking the necessary protective measures.

Thus, entrepreneurs are guaranteed a level of competence that can give them new opportunities in the market covering all EU countries. The Center is registered with the European Commission as a body for testing and certifying personal protective equipment, and also carries out research in the field of occupational safety.

The office, testing and training clusters of the Center are located in Haan near Cologne.

We are always open for cooperation with organizations, trade unions, government agencies, universities and schools.


Eugene Mamytov 



Member of the Board of the PPE Association,

Doctor in Economics

OPTIMA ZS is implementing an international project in the field of testing and certification of PPE for compliance with safety requirements for the countries of the European Union and EAEU.

The company also coordinates the interaction of WCG partners in the development and implementation of integrated projects and solutions.

The company is the developer and coordinator of the project for the implementation of the  strategy VISION ZERO  in the customer organizations .


Singerbaev Arman Irbulatovich

CEO of Legal company "LABOR EXPERT"


Legal company "LABOR EXPERT" specializes in protecting the rights and economic interests of organizations, as well as individuals in the field of labor law.
The company helps organizations with the least losses to undergo an inspection check, protect the interests of the customer in a labor dispute with the employee, establish in the organization work on personnel accounting and labor protection.
As part of the partnership, the LOK is implementing the project "BUSINESS RADAR" - a platform for online notifications of business threats (inspections, suits, fines, penalties, arrests of accounts, etc.)


Gebertaeva Marina Arkadevna

Director of Laboratory Center of Working Conditions


Laboratory Center for Working Conditions was registered by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation in the register of organizations conducting a special assessment of working conditions , under registration number 72.


Currently, the Center has a testing laboratory accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service for carrying out measurements of hazardous and harmful production factors for the purposes of the SOTP, sanitary-epidemiological and environmental monitoring, and for chemical and dosimetric research.


The center is staffed by a staff of highly qualified specialists and equipped with modern laboratory equipment and instruments,

allowing to carry out all necessary instrumental

measurement, including complex studies.


The management of the organization attentively treats its obligations towards the customers of works, timely performs verification of its instruments and equipment.


The processing of data obtained during measurements at workplaces in organizations is carried out using software that meets the national standard GOST ISO / IEC 17025, which ensures the reliability of research results.

Relations with customers are built

on the basis of observing the interests of the customer, including

additional provision of consulting services

on the whole range of issues in the evaluation of working conditions on a free basis.

Within the framework of the partnership in the CC LABOR, the Center ensures the implementation of projects related to measurement and quantitative chemical analysis.