In 2018, the specialists of Russia and Germany joined the brand of the WORK company group to carry out tests and certification of personal protective equipment. Work on the testing of PPE samples is carried out at the level of European quality standards in a specialized German center.
Owing to this, the LABORATORY  has a unique opportunity to offer services in testing and certification of PPE in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 019/2011 "On the Safety of Personal Protective Equipment" and the Regulation 2016/425 / EC for the countries of the European Union.

Services for testing and certification of PPE, carried out by a group of companies LABOR, open a unique opportunity for a quick and successful entry into the markets of the Customs and European Union.

Objects and parameters of research for certification in the Customs Union:
• Protective helmets (cushioning, perforation resistance, fire resistance, outer and inner vertical distance, vertical and annular safety clearance, wearing height, width and chin strap fastening, electrical properties, maximum and residual lateral deformation, metal spatter - metal penetration through the helmet, deformation , burning);
• Protective cuffs (cushioning, perforation resistance, chin strap fastening, fire resistance, electrical properties);
• Fall protection:
- Retaining systems (construction, static and dynamic strength, corrosion resistance, marking),
- Shock absorbers (construction, static load on elongation, dynamic braking strength, static strength, marking),
- Slings and safety leashes (materials and construction, static and dynamic strength, marking),
- Coupling elements, carbines (construction, static strength, locking function, corrosion resistance, marking),
- PPE from falling from the height of the slide type on a flexible and rigid anchor line (construction, static and dynamic strength, corrosion resistance, blocking),
- Anchoring connectors (construction, static strength, shut-off function, corrosion resistance, marking),
- Goggles (design, function of protection from harmful effects of various gases, vapors, smoke, spray of aggressive liquids, dust, hard particle impacts),
- Shields protective (design, function of protection against sparks, splashes, dust, radiation, impacts of solid particles).
• Hand protection:
- From elevated temperatures
- From mechanical influences and general industrial pollution
• Special clothing, including for protection from elevated temperatures: to protect from convective heat, heat radiation, contact with a heated surface, short-term contact with a flame.

Objects of research for certification purposes
in the European Union:
- insulating suits;
- Personal protective equipment for respiratory organs (respirators, gas masks, helmets with blowing, apparatus with compressed air or oxygen cylinders, self-rescuers on bound oxygen, replaceable filters, cartridges, boxes, etc.);
- Special protective clothing, including shielding suits;
- Special protective footwear;
- personal protective equipment for hands;
- Individual protection against falling from height;
- Personal protective equipment for the head (protective helmets, helmets for drivers and passengers of motorcycles and mopeds, etc.);
- protective glasses;
- protective shields;
- means of individual protection of the hearing organ (noisy headphones, liners, etc.);
- comprehensive protection means.


Electro Laboratory:

performs periodic tests of PPE for work in electrical installations (dielectric gloves, boots and galoshes, rubber insulating, manual insulating tools, insulating rods, etc.) and operational tests of PPE used for working at height (safety belts, slings, ropes).

All tests of means of protection from dielectric rubber, power tools, rods, voltage indicators are carried out according to the "Rules for the application and testing of protective equipment used in electrical installations, technical requirements for them" and state standards.