Golden rules

Labor protection in the 21st century is more than just labor safety.

This is the future of generations

Life is sacred, and every person has the right to return home alive after work. From the future of the sphere of occupational safety, no doubt, the life of both the present and the next generations depends.

More than 3 million employees die annually in production. Therefore, labor protection should be much more than just labor protection. This work should start not only from the workplace. It must begin with education, family and society.

Investments in labor protection make it possible to avoid human suffering and protect the most valuable thing that we have - our life, our health and well-being. International studies of the return on investment in prevention have proven that every dollar invested in labor protection pays off and generates a profit of more than two dollars.

All of us should strive for zero traumatism. For some it will seem impossible, but it is not so.

On the golden rules of the strategy of "zero injuries"

September 4, 2017 in Singapore at the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work by the International Social Security Association (ISSA) was developed and launched the concept of "zero injury".

This is a qualitatively new approach to the organization of the entire system of labor protection in the enterprise, primarily prevention. The basis is the conscious activity of all participants in the production process, from the owner of the enterprise to the employees, in order to prevent any accidents at work.

The concept proposes seven "golden rules", the implementation of which will assist the employer in reducing the rates of industrial injuries and occupational morbidity. All seven rules are very flexible and suitable for organizations of all sizes in all countries of the world. These are ready-made tools for developing and implementing a labor protection strategy in any enterprise.


Golden Rule No. 1: Become a leader - show commitment to the principles

Leadership is not only about leaders, it's about all of us. We can become leaders in our workplace and have personal responsibility for safety.

We need to work with people, developing their personal internal responsibility. In many companies, unfortunately, there is an outsourcing of the responsibility process.

But the leader's banner on the path of responsibility and involvement, of course, is raised first by the leader. Putting on a helmet to bypass the enterprise, directors and managers show others an example to follow. It would seem, obvious things, but for many leaders they become a revelation. How managers act themselves, with what they put up and what they insist on, determines the standard of behavior of the other employees, are the number one rule.

Leadership is also a concern. As soon as employees understand that the head is personally concerned about their safety and health, and the company is taking certain steps in this direction, success will not be long in coming.


Golden Rule No. 2: Identify threats - control risks

All workers are exposed to risk at any workplace. Therefore, their evaluation is an important tool that allows timely and systematic identification of risks and risks, as well as take preventive measures.

You act rationally, analyzing threats and risks in order to prevent industrial accidents and failures. But the most important - based on the assessment of potential risk factors, identify and document the necessary preventive measures. This tool is used throughout the world today.


Golden Rule No. 3: Defining Goals - Developing Programs

Success in labor protection requires setting clear goals and taking concrete practical steps. This should be provided in a separate program.

Set priorities, establish clear goals in the field of labor protection in the enterprise and try to reach them in the medium term, for example, within the framework of the three-year program.


Golden Rule No. 4: Establish a system of occupational safety and health -

achieve a high level of organization

Systematic work on improving labor protection at the enterprise is a good idea! It does not require much effort and pays for itself. Having a highly organized labor protection system, any enterprise operates without failures, as the number of malfunctions, downtime and quality problems decreases. This is a strong argument in favor of an effective organization of labor protection - all this will pay off!

Golden Rule No. 5: Ensure safety and hygiene in the workplace,

when working with machines and equipment

Safe industrial premises, equipment and workplaces are mandatory conditions for trouble-free operation. Technological progress entails increased productivity, but also new dangers. Machines and equipment must be safe in all work operations. In addition, the influence of the working environment on the health of workers should be taken into account. The ergonomics and comfort of the workplace, its compliance with "green" and eco standards - are by no means the last concepts in the OSH management system.

Creating safety and comfort, it is easy to turn a workplace into a pleasant one for every employee - a kind of second home where a person will come not only for salary, but also in anticipation of a new interesting work.



Golden Rule No. 6:

Improve qualifications - develop professional skills

Technical means and production equipment are working faster and more efficiently, but at the same time they are becoming more complicated. Knowledge is becoming obsolete more and more rapidly, and the professional skills of employees require regular updating. As never before, vocational training and continuing education are becoming mandatory, with no exceptions being made for management and for ordinary workers.

The most important thing is to improve the qualifications and education of employees. This always underlies the culture of safe behavior. To increase the education and competence of employees means to invest in a person.

The basic basis for the formation of a safety culture and the strategy of "zero injuries" is education, improving the quality of knowledge, improving qualifications and competencies. In this future!



Golden Rule No. 7: Investing in the staff - motivate through participation

"Motivate your employees, involving them in solving all issues of labor protection. This investment pays off! "- says the strategy of" Vision Zero ".

Enterprises that care for workers and actively involve them in the process of labor protection, get the opportunity to make the most of an important asset - the knowledge, abilities and ideas of employees. If an employee is advised, for example, when risks are assessed or working instructions are developed, he actively strives to follow the rules.

The role of the employee for years has been underestimated in all these processes. Employers are more inclined to invite outside experts and pay them a lot of money to understand what is not happening in the company, instead of using your internal resources and focusing on employees. But they know exactly what is happening in the shop.

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